July 7, 2020

Association seeks action against inappropriate music video contents

The Khmer Writers Association has asked the Culture and Fine Arts Ministry to take action against some Khmer rap and hip-hop music videos released on social media, as it is deemed to be insulting women and Khmer culture. Association representative Mai Vatana said yesterday the songs contained sexual innuendos which degrade Cambodian women and harm the society. He said the association has identified five songs, namely “Busty Honey”, “Fill-In”, “Boeung Tompon Lady”, “Hot Boy”, and “You are Beautiful When Naked.” “I wonder why some young people produce such videos which [negatively]impact our culture and society,” Mr Vatana said. “Some rappers produced songs with profane language and performed unacceptable acts in the videos.” He said he sent letters to the Culture and Fine Arts Ministry and other relevant ministries two days ago and posted an open letter on their Facebook pages to request them to take action. “We always encourage the young people who love to produce original music videos, however it should contain acceptable lyrics and actions which educate people in our society. They should be role models for the younger generation,” Mr Vatana added. Hab Touch, a Secretary of State at the Ministry of Culture and Fine Arts, yesterday said normally, when the ministry finds songs that are inappropriate, it will inform the producer and owner to remove them and stop posting them on social media. “We will warn them and ask them to delete their music videos on social media platforms,” he said. “Singers [wearing sexy clothes] and composers who work for companies that do not comply with the warnings could face suspensions for months or years.”

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